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1. Search Items

Make a step-by-step selection from the four drop-down menus given in the ‘Search Items’ box on the left and click ‘search’. You can click the search button at any point of time while making your selection from these menus.

In case you know the item code for an item, then simply type the code in the blank field present in the same box and click ‘ok’, which will directly take you to the detailed view page of that item.

You can also click on any of the recently added items present in the ‘Just Added’ area on the home page, which will also take you directly to the detailed information page of that item.

2. Browse Items

Selection from drop-down menus in the ‘Search Items’ box will take you to a gallery view of the items, which will give you the basic information about the items. You can arrange the order of these items in the gallery view pages according to price, weight and size in ascending/descending format, from the ‘Sort by’ drop-down menu. For a detailed information on any item in the gallery view, you can click on its image or ‘more info’ button which will take you to the detailed view page of that item.


3. Add Items

You can add items to your shopping cart from the gallery view pages as well as from the detailed view pages. In case of items from the categories - Single Stones, Pairs and Sets, ‘add to cart’ button will add the full quantity of that item to your shopping cart. Whereas, in category - Parcel Lots, you can select the quantity of your choice that you like to purchase from the options, present in the drop-down menu - Change Quantity.


In case you like to keep the items in your records for ordering it later, you can add those items to your wishlist by clicking ‘add to wishlist’ button present only in the detailed view pages. Please note that this option is available only if you are registered with us. Though registration is not mandatory for ordering items at but, if you like to keep items in record for later viewing, you need to complete the free registration.

You can also order Gem Testing Certification for the items you are purchasing by using its option,which is given only in the detailed view pages. In case of items from categories - Single Stones, Pairs and Sets, enabling the gem testing option will add the cost of certification for all the pieces present in an item.


Whereas, in category - Parcel Lots, you can select the number of pieces that you like to order for certification. Your selection of pieces can be anywhere between a minimum of 5 pieces to the maximum of all the pieces that you are purchasing for that item.


4. View Shopping Cart

Whenever you like to view the items that you’ve added to your shopping cart, simply click on the shopping cart icon like the one given below.

When in shopping cart, you can perform any of these following activities:

(a) Update quantity of any item from the parcel lot category using the same ‘Change Quantity’ drop-down as shown above.

(b) Add, update or remove the number of pieces for gem testing certification in items from the parcel lot category.


(c) Add or remove gem testing certification in all other categories like single stones, pairs and sets.


(d) Add or remove items from the shopping cart. To add or browse more items, click the ‘add more items’ button, which will take you back to the same page from where you came to shopping cart. To remove any item from the shopping cart, simply activate the tick box on the left side of that item’s image and click the ‘remove’ button.

Once you are done adding items to your shopping cart, click the ‘proceed to next step’ button which
will take you to the next page.

5. Select Country & Shipping Service

In this step, simply select your country and preferred shipping service from the respective drop-down menus. Once you are done, click the ‘proceed to next step’ button.


6. Order

In this final step, simply check your final invoice which shows you the total cost of your order including shipping. Then, fill the form given on the right side of your invoice and click the ‘order now’ button which will take you to the secured PayPal website, where in no time, you can complete the payment process and its done!


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